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The purpose of this website is to share my very very very unpleasant experience of doing business with

AA Economy Transmission

of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Here is what I learned from doing business with     AA Economy Transmission:


2. If you choose to ignore warnings about doing business with AA Economy Transmission, be sure to get a detailed list IN WRITING of exactly what services and products you are contracting to receive from AA Economy Transmission.  

3. Insure that your contract includes a refund statement because their standard form does not include any provision for refunds.  You may get a ‘Guarantee’ but that does not entitle you to a monetary refund !

4. Be sure to include a completion date. Have the contract signed and dated by an AA Economy Transmission employee. DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY UP-FRONT !

5.  INSURE THAT ALL SERVICES AND PRODUCTS THAT YOU CONTRACTED FOR ARE DELIVERED TO YOUR SATISFACTION BEFORE PAYING FOR THEM IN CASH, AS AA ECONOMY TRANSMISSION DOES NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD. (Credit Card companies require merchants to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction after a sale. AA Economy Transmission says they do not accept credit cards because customers have bad credit.  I think it is because AA Economy Transmission does not want to stand behind their work.)

Here are the details of my interactions with               AA Economy Transmission

The picture above is of a 1989 Jeep Wrangler transmission with a bell housing attached.

AA Economy Transmission did not deliver one of these transmissions to me as promised, back in December of 2014.

I tried for over one year to get a refund of the $1,700.00, I paid in cash, to AA Economy Transmission.

Between January and July, 2015, I made complaints to the Better Business Bureau of Palm Beach County, Florida, as well as the State of Florida Consumer Affairs Department. These efforts were worthless, especially when AA Economy Transmission representative Andrea Chauncey provided misleading (unsworn and undocumented) information to the agencies. I tried to get my money back through the Palm Beach County Small Claims Court. My court fees were over $500.00.

Prior to our first meeting in Small Claims Court before Judge Johnson on July 6, 2015, AA Economy Transmission representative  Andrea Chauncey refused to participate in any court mandated mediation.  Consequently, we went before the Judge.

Judge Johnson dismissed my complaint against Ms. Chauncey, as an individual, and told me I had to file a new complaint against the AA Economy Transmission company. I did that (paying additional fees) and went back to court in September 15, 2015.

NOTE:  A  Mr. Gerald Young appeared in Court representing AA Economy Transmission, and he was quite rude to me and informed me that he appears in court regularly (I wonder why ?) and threatened that  ‘ will never get your money back in South Florida’.  He was right !  He knows the system !  

Following are the statements that I submitted under Oath to Judge Johnson.  I also have supporting documents:

12/16/14 - On Tuesday, December 16th, the manual transmission in my 1989 Jeep locked up and I could not shift into reverse.  I took the Jeep to Dave, a professional mechanic, to be repaired.


12/18/14 - On Thursday, December 18th, Dave informed me that he had removed the transmission core, along with the bell housing, from the car and he was unable to fix the problem.  The transmission would have to be sent out for replacement or repair.  I wanted the transmission repaired as soon as possible because the Jeep is my second car and my two kids were on their Winter break from college in Colorado and would be visiting me from December 20th to the 30th,  2014. I informed Dave that I would take the time to try to find a local shop that could fix the transmission.


12/19/14 - I found a number of transmission repair shops on the Internet, local and outside Florida, and called them for information.  I found an exact replacement in Rhode Island on Ebay for $337.50 that would take 7-10 days to deliver, however, Ms. Andrea Chauncey, the Manager at AA Economy Transmissions in West Palm Beach, informed me that she had a replacement transmission in stock at her warehouse and could have it for me by Monday, December 22nd for a price of $1,700.00, plus a trade with my broken transmission.  I agreed to pay this high price based on her promise to provide me with express service so that I would have a transmission within 48 hours.


12/20/14 - On Saturday, December 20th, I paid Ms. Chauncey a premium price of $1,700.00 in cash and gave her my broken transmission (along with the attached bell housing) in return for express delivery of a transmission on Monday, December 22nd .


12/22/14 - On Monday, December 22nd , the transmission (and bell housing) I was promised was not provided by Ms. Chauncey. I asked if I could cancel the order and receive a refund. Ms. Chauncey told me I could not cancel my order and not have a refund, because "you have to give the warehouse a chance to deliver a good transmission". Consequently, I had no choice but to wait another day.


12/23/14 - On Tuesday, December 23rd, Ms. Chauncey provided me with a replacement transmission that was defective.  There was a loose component inside the transmission.  I refused to accept the defective transmission and she agreed to take it back and have a replacement by Friday, December 26th, due to the Christmas Holiday.  


At this point, I again told Ms. Chauncey that I wanted to cancel my order and I wanted my money and old transmission returned.  Ms. Chauncey told me that she could not do that and that I had to give her a chance to provide a good transmission.


12/26/14 - No Transmission, No Refund.

12/29/14 - No Transmission, No Refund.

12/30/14 - No Transmission, No Refund

12/31/14 - No Transmission, No Refund..

1/3/15 - Transmission available, my request for a Refund was again denied.  The transmission is still in the possession of AA Economy Transmission.


My Small Claims Court date with AA Economy Transmission was September 15, 2015.

Haha !......Well, on advice from the Court appointed Mediator, I withdrew my complaint because I did not have Ms. Chauncey’s many promises in writing.  So, see the warnings at the top of this posting and GOOD LUCK !


North Palm Beach, Florida


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May all your parts work well !

From Catherine S 7/10/15 -

Let me start by saying I only review companies when they are very good, or very bad. If you are thinking about coming here, don't. I went there for a transmission rebuild in April 2015. Everything seemed fine at first. I wasn't happy they had my truck for 2 weeks, but it seemed fine. I immediately notice the scratches on the passenger front quarter panel. Jerry claimed they were there when I drove in. They weren't, but I didn't fight with them because I was just happy to have my truck back. I also noticed my exhaust brackets were broken and rattling, so I fixed them. The next day, my husband is on 95 and it starts shifting weird in higher gears and the check engine light comes on. We put the code reader on and its the speed sensor. I look under the truck and it is dangling. I call economy and Jerry tells me it will be $300 to fix. I said no. I got the part and installed it myself for $25. Then June I notice both my front and back seals are leaking. I take it back. They say "oh, sometimes the parts are just bad". Fine, OK. They had my truck a week. I get it back and notice more scratches, through the paint, and into the metal on my passenger door. I was not happy. I knew they weren't there because I had just checked over every inch of my truck before I took it to them.  Jerry said sorry, won't happen again. Then I start to drive away when I notice the exhaust rattling again. I asked why the brackets weren't put back on, the were lost is the response I received. I was still not happy, but I left. I put on new exhaust brackets again. Everything seemed fine. Then October comes along. It starts shifting hard, making a loud noise at high speeds, and its leaking again from the same seals. I take my truck back and explain what is going on. I'm annoyed, to say the least. So Jackie, at the desk explains that Jerry, the guy I had been working with was fired for ordering work done, not doing it, and selling the parts. Then Andrea comes to me and assures me the work will be done. I drop my truck back off. Andrea calls and explains the shifting hard is from the low fluid levels caused by faulty seals. There are only so many bad parts in the world. Somehow my truck ends up with all the bad seals? This tells me they need to use better parts. They tell me the noise is coming from the u joints in the driveshaft. I told them not to do the u joints, I really don't need them " repairing" something that can potentially cost several thousand dollars if they break. She pushed to let her guys do them. I said no. So they had my truck another week. I called all the time. It was never ready until a week had gone by. I pick up my truck and drive 5 miles home in the rain. My check engine light had come on as I was pulling into the driveway. I put the code reader on and it comes up with 2 range sensor codes. Economy was closed at this point. So I start inspecting the transmission from the outside to see if there is anything obvious. The transmission pan is leaking. This is new so I inspect it. And clear as day I could see where it had been dropped and dented. That was exactly where the leak was coming from. I bring it back the next morning. They started off my tightening the one screw closest to the dent in the pan and smearing the seam of the pan with gasket maker. Really, a freaking bandaid? They should have replaced the pan. Then the mechanic comes in and explains I probably need a new range sensor. Then claims that the guys pulling the transmissions sometimes leave the sensors connected when pulling them. Wow, is this laziness, or just company practices to increase profits? Then they try to tell me I will have to pay for it. I laughed, said absolutely not. The mechanic even went so far as to tell me I could start pricing the sensor. I already had. I knew it was in stock at 2 auto parts stores within 5 miles for $45. But I wasn't going to pay for something they broke again. I got on here and started writing this review. The owner, Andrea, was alerted and immediately called me out. She seemed shocked about the review. I had repeatedly let them know how unhappy I was. I was even more upset they were going to try and charge me for something they clearly broke. They finally fixed the sensor and rightfully didn't charge me for it. They didn't replace or repair the pan. And I have grease stains on my beige interior cab, and three more fresh, deep scratches along the entire driver side of my truck. So, no, I am absolutely not happy with the service I received at economy. Don't waste your time or your money. Go somewhere else.

Catherine S